Your only _real_ option.

Your only _real_ option.

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The Last and Final Word: Kenta Cho


Kenta Cho is a Japanese independent videogame developer. He became wildly popular and is considered influential for releases such as rRootage, TUMIKI Fighters and Torus Trooper. In fact, TUMIKI Fighters became so popular that a game called Blast Works (which was directly based on it) was released for the Wii.

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Bit Shifter’s Strange Comfort:

  • is catchy ✓
  • 's title sets the mood perfectly ✓
  • doesn’t get old (dat layered melodies) ✓
  • has a restrained & refined chiptune aesthetic ✓
  • feels melancholic yet optimistic (dem feels) ✓
  • is an insane technical and artistic feat ✓
  • is awesome ✓x (quite a few)

Yes, I’m gushing. Go listen to it now!

  • (On Stephen Hawking)
  • <Aitioma> He also cheated on his wife with (apparently) his nurse and got a divorce after that.
  • <Triviaandwordplay> Physically, how can he cheat?
  • <RockHardRetard> Verbal descriptions of how he would be getting it on?
  • <nosgdodselrahc> Push me
  • <nosgdodselrahc> and then just touch me
  • <nosgdodselrahc> til I can get my
  • <nosgdodselrahc> satisfaction

'The Quest for Red Diamond' by nitro2k01. I think this is included on NitroTracker sample files, an XM music tracker for the Nintendo DS. (Hence, Nitro.)
Anyway, the tune’s extremely catchy. He deserves more exposure!

EDIT (2014): Almost zero copy of the audio remains on the internets. even YouTube copies are broken. The above video is incomplete. Please wait while I render the .xm into an .mp3 (Though it won’t be perfect.)

In the meantime, visit the author’s blog!

If you thought the MARS 2 SLi was crazy… this… is… even crazier. 7970. IN. QUAD. SLI (quadfire)?

Benchmark results are mindblowing. Real gaming performance? Not so much. (inb4 AMD has crappy drivers so that isn’t surprising.) It’s most likely the fault of both the games and the drivers.